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Cable making problem in production and how to resolve (2)
- Apr 29, 2018 -

Often there is some problem in ordinary cable extrusion, how to resolve these problem very important for finished cable quality.

Cable making problem , reason and resolution:

(6) Hole in the surface


Material plasticization is not good; Conductor (core wire) are uneven or partially protruding, with water, oil, etc; Plastic uneven thickness.


Increase cable extruder temperature; Conductor (core wire) change, processed then go production; Correction of eccentricity

(7)Muscle in the surface


Mould is too big; The temperature is too high and the material is too soft


Change the tip and die; Adjust the temperature.

(8) Surface bamboo shape


Material extrusion speed is uneven;  Capstan speed is unstable; Tip too small; Conductor (core wire) outer diameter not round; Pay-off tension not stable.


Check the uneven speed reason; Adjust capstan speed; Change new tip; Change conductor (core wire); Adjust pay-off tension.