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Cable Producing problem and how to resolve (3)
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Often there is some problem in ordinary cable producing, how to resolve these problem very important for finished cable quality.

Cable manufacturing problem , reason and resolution:

(9) Disjoint


Conductor (core wire) have water or oil on the surface; Plastic granule inlet feeder blocked or exhausted.


Remove water or oil of conductor (core wire), then go production; Take notice of platic granule feeding and discharging condition.

(10) Conductor (core wire) attenuating


Pay-off or take-up tension too big; Die hole too small


Adjust pay-off and take-up tension; Change right size die.

(11) Wrinkled surface


Water cooling not enough; Guide wheel rotation near crosshead not good.

Solution: Add more cooling trough or use industrial chiller;  Make guide wheel flexible.