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Maintenance of cable-forming machine
- Jan 20, 2018 -

The assembly parts of the equipment shall be fastened and maintained, and the control and transmission systems are in good condition.
The contact part of the supporting ring and the supporting wheel shall be fully contacted and the Center is aligned.
All components and components of the equipment must be fully usable, such as the defective parts must be repaired or replaced immediately, can not operate in a sick.
The tooling and transform gears should be intact and kept tidy to prevent corrosion damage.
The frame is firm and does not shake, the line frame gives the pin to the pressure positioning is good, the fixed reliable does not loosen.
Around the Baotou brake flexible, around the bag with clip tightening, should not be loose.
The dial-wire ring and the traction wheel are well matched, the running time is flexible and the guide pulley is not askew.
The vehicle must be accelerated step by step, but it cannot run at a low rate for a long time.
The equipment shall be lubricated with lubricant in accordance with the prescribed time and method.
The receiving device is functioning sound and the current indicates no more than the load requirement.
When driving, because of the moment of inertia is very large, can not stop the car to drive the reverse car.