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Preparation of wire extruder before start-up
- Jan 20, 2018 -

A, wire extrusion machine line part: Free line, flexible, tension adjustment appropriate.
B, wire extrusion machine parts: Check the end of the screw and barrel end of the 5-10mm moving inward, idling gear box, the barrel must not have any noise.
C, wire extruder cooling system: Check the extrusion and internal wind operation is normal, cooling water supply and drainage system in the tank, heating stable in the temperature sink.
D, wire extrusion machine Extraction system: the speed is constant.
E, wire extrusion machine receiving line system: Sports car running flexible, to reach both ends of the limit alarm.
F, the extruder should be preheated, in advance (1.5-2) hours of heating, temperature and heating time is not, no boot production, normal production, the temperature should be in line with the requirements of the process specifications.
G, when the temperature arrives, first opens the nose, will control the way to the single open host, the low speed discharge material, observes the current situation, whether is overloaded, confirms the plasticizing good, then close the nose, tighten the screw, and attention, inside and outside mold distance.

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