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Preparations before starting cable extrusion line
- Jul 10, 2018 -

1. Get measuring and operating tools such as scissors, sharp-nose plier, monkey wrench, hex wrench, threading pin, gauges etc. ready.

2. Get the required raw materials, dies and auxiliary devices ready.

3. Check whether the power and water supply is normal.

4. Turn on the main extruder power, set required temperature for each separate item on the temperature control panel.

5. Put the suction tube which is connected with the auto-suction machine into the container that keeps the granual for extruding. Turn on the power of the auto-suction machine and the dyer, set suction time to add required granual in the hopper. set required temperature for granual dryer.

6. Install inside and outside eyemold, adjust the distance.

7. By extruding(with or without copper) to test eccenticity. If it is eccentric, then ajust inside and outside eyemold accordingly.

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