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2018 South China (Humen) International Wire And Cable Exhibition
- May 08, 2018 -

On the morning of May 7, the 2018 South China (Humen) International Wire and Cable Exhibition opened. The  theme of this exhibition is “Cable connect all people, Make the Future Smart”  and concentrate on displaying all kinds of cable products and  intelligent production equipment with international advanced level. The  exhibition attracted more than 100 enterprises from the province, as  well as foreign companies from the United States, Germany, and Peru. The  total number of exhibitors reached 187, and the exhibits covered the  entire industry chain.

The exhibition  specially set up a smart manufacturing equipment area, will focus on the  display of high-end intelligent automatic production equipment,  automatic integration of end processing equipment, as well as a complete  production program of the charging pile cable, will also display the  most advanced high-grade high-conductivity cable materials And high-precision testing equipment.

◆ Exhibits:

☆Wire and cable production equipment/Wire and cable production machine

☆Wire and Cable Processing Equipment

☆ wire and cable testing equipment

☆ wire and cable automation equipment

☆ Wire and cable, fiber optic connectors and terminal manufacturers

☆ Cable materials and accessories...