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China Will Impose A 25% Tariff On US-made Fiber Optic Cables And Fiber Preforms
- Aug 11, 2018 -

In  response to the U.S.’s increase of US$16 billion in tariffs on China,  the Ministry of Commerce’s website announced that it had imposed a  tariff on the US$16 billion worth of imported goods from the US Announcement  (Announcement of the Taxation Committee [2018] No. 7), now announces  the adjusted list of tariffed goods for US exports to China, and imposes  a 25% tariff from 12:01 on August 23, 2018. .

The  author sees from the list of tariffed goods, fiber optic, fiber optic  cable and optical fiber preform products are listed among them. This is also the only communication category involved in China's current round of tariffs.

Just  last month, the Ministry of Commerce issued an announcement. According  to the relevant provisions of the "Anti-dumping Regulations of the  People's Republic of China", the State Council Tariff Commission decided  to import non-dispersion displacement single mode originating in the  United States since July 11, 2018. Optical fiber imposes anti-dumping duties. Among  them, Corning's tax rate is 37.9%, OFS-Filter Co., Ltd. is 33.3%, Drake  Communications USA is 78.2%, and other US companies are 78.2%. At  the same time, since July 11, 2018, anti-dumping duties will continue  to be imposed on imported optical fiber preforms originating in Japan  and the United States. The implementation period is 5 years, and the  anti-dumping duties are levied at the customs-examined customs value.