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Current Status Of Cable Equipment Industry In 2018
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Since last year,  the raw materials for steel, motors, inverters and related electrical  appliances of cable production line have risen sharply (steel prices have  risen by more than 50%, others have risen by more than 15%). The rise in  raw material prices stems from the government's supply-side reforms and  strict environmental protection measures. . At  the same time, the government regulates real estate, and the slowdown  in infrastructure has led to a significant reduction in the demand for copper cables and optical cables. The reduction in orders for cables has affected the demand for cable equipment. In  terms of international trade, the Sino-US trade war has caused the exchange  rate of the renminbi to fluctuate drastically, which in turn has created  many uncertainties in the export of cable making machine. In short, this year is a tough year for cable manufacturing equipment companies.