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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Winding Machine
- Jan 20, 2018 -

First of all, for any equipment, lubrication is the key to the normal work of all parts, in the automatic winding packaging machine lubrication and must pay attention to:
(1). Timing to the winding packaging machine gear meshing, with the seat bearing oil injection hole and the moving parts of oil lubrication, each class once, to do day after day, adhere to the effect, in line with the responsibility of the equipment, for the future work to provide technical support for the smooth.
(2). For automatic pallet winding machine to add lubricating oil, please be careful not to drop oil on the transmission belt, in case of slippage or wear belt premature aging damage
(3). Automatic Winding machine reducer is an important part of the equipment, the reducer is strictly prohibited without oil operation, the first operation 300 hours later, clean the interior of the new oil, after each work 2,500 hours to change oil, this phenomenon is unchanged, must be carefully implemented.