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Optical Cable Future In Next 5 Years Of China
- Jun 02, 2018 -

China's  fiber optic cable industry enters a booming period, with production and  sales accounting for more than 50% of the world's share. In addition to  the rapid development of foreign and central enterprises such as YOFC, fiberhome, a large number of privately-owned fiber optic cable  companies in China have also achieved excellent development, forming a  complete range of manufacturing systems for fiber optic cable products  and a complete industrial chain for rod, fiber, and cable production.

Although China's optical  fiber cable industry has achieved rapid development for many years, but  the problems of single product types and unreasonable structure still  stand out, which restricts the further development of China's optical  fiber cable market. In general, they are facing  multiple challenges such as serious overcapacity of low-end products,  lack of high-end product innovation capability, lack of independent  intellectual property rights, weak core competitiveness, and lack of  high-quality comprehensive talents encountered during the transformation  and upgrade development.

In the next five  years, the optical cable industry should make the following changes:  first, fully utilize existing equipment and skills; second, actively  innovate and develop new patents with independent intellectual property  rights; third, actively improve the construction and maintenance of  optical cable cables, and create extended service features; The  fourth“going global” to participate in  the international market... To meet the general application of optical  fiber, meet the various connectivity needs of the development of the  Internet. Under the current vision of the Internet of Everything, optical fiber provides the most important foundation for all things. For  China's optical fiber and cable enterprises, how to produce and develop  different types of optical fibers through multi-process routes to meet  the ubiquitous connectivity needs is the ultimate goal of transformation  and upgrading.

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