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The Advantages Of Automatic Winding Machine
- Jan 20, 2018 -

The advantages of automatic winding machine is obvious: first of all, it will be from the heavy winding labor freed out, not only winding by mechanical completion, even the line is controlled by the computer under the control of the machine.

Secondly, the automatic winding machine not only reduces the labor intensity, also make the production efficiency greatly increased, because of the control of electronic equipment, regardless of the winding line can be the highest speed, no longer subject to the restrictions of human reaction speed, and, automatic winding machine can be around multiple windings at the same time, which makes the production speed doubled.

In addition, the automatic winding machine no longer relies on manual operation, so that the production quality can be guaranteed, the operator in the production process is only in the operation before setting parameters, and winding process people are involved, so no matter whether the operator has no experience to understand the winding technology, The same quality of windings can be produced as long as the same parameters are set. The quality and reliability of the products have been greatly improved.