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The Development Prospect Of China Extruder Market Is Attractive
- Jan 20, 2018 -

China's plastic machinery enterprises in recent years increased the expansion of the emerging market for extruder, brand awareness further expanded, market competitiveness further increased, the proportion of exports to emerging countries will be greatly enhanced, at present, China's plastic extruder enterprises orders to rebound sharply, export growth stability in the.

At present, the current development situation of plastic machinery industry in China is that there are some problems such as low capability of independent innovation, lower grade and individuation, low concentration of industry, these problems cause the plastic machinery industry of our country can't catch up with foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible, and after a long period of development, The international influence of China's plastic machine industry has been improved, the ability to deal with trade protectionism has been enhanced, and the manufacturing technology and overall strength have been further improved.