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What Machines Are Needed To Make Wire And Cable?
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Wire and cable manufacture uses the special production equipment with the craft characteristic of this industry, to adapt to the structure of cable products, performance requirements, to meet the requirements of large-length continuous and high-speed production, thus forming a dedicated cable manufacturing equipment series, such as Extrusion machine series, pull line machine series, stranding machine series, around the Charter series.

The manufacture of wire and cable is completely different from the production mode of most electromechanical products. Electromechanical products are usually assembled into a unit, a number of parts and then assembled into a single product, products to the number of units or pieces of measurement; wire and cable is the length of the basic unit of measurement, all wire and cable from the conductor processing began, in the outer layer of the conductor with insulation, shielding, cable, protective layer, etc. and made of wire and cable products, The more complex the product structure, the more the stacking level.